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Hedge Trimming

A well trimmed hedge provides a smart boundary and privacy to your garden, however if it's not maintained properly then your hedge will lose its shape and will grow out of control. When this happens your hedge will need a hard cut and in some cases completely removed. But with a good pruning schedule this can be prevented  and you can keep hedges under control without too much effort.

Most evergreen hedges like to be trimmed two or three times a year. Conifer hedges such as Leylandii Cypress need a regular pruning and trimming. If not pruned and trimmed regularly then  these fast-growers will soon outgrow their location in height and width. Once these have grown out of control they need a severe height reduction and hard trim, and its very hard to get that controllable shape back to where you  once had it.

Tower Tree Services has all the necessary hedge cutting equipment, also all our Tree Surgeons are fully qualified and have the experience to trim even the toughest and largest

hedge beautifully.

Green Waste Disposal

All green waste will be chipped through a mechanical chipper. Then it will be disposed of at a green waste recycling facility to ensure our is waste is being reused. When the job is done Tower Tree Services makes sure that the site is left in a clean and safe condition.

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