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Tree Pruning

Getting your trees pruned will improve the safety, health and appearance of trees. Common reasons for pruning are removal of dead, diseased, over crowded or hazardous branches. Pruning trees require skill in the placement of pruning cuts and technique. All our Tree Surgeons have the necessary training and experience to safely and efficiently prune trees.

Crown Thinning

The intent is improve a tree's structure and form. Selective removal of foliage and growth will increase light penetration,

air movement through the crown and to reduce weight.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is most often used when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space. It is used give the tree an overhaul and achieve a height reduction and reduce the overall tree ‘crown’ without spoiling the shape of the tree. Overall, crown reduction can makes a tree look more attractive, healthier, and most important safer.

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Crown Raising

The removal of some of the lowest branches on a tree, and is done to increase the height of the main crown above ground level. It allows more daylight to pass through the tree and will

encourage growth in shrubs, flowers etc. It also provides for greater access beneath the tree.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the removal of all defective material, dead wood, stumps, broken branches and diseased material.

The removal of all this useless from the tree will redirect the vital energy to the healthy parts of the tree and will stimulate new growth.


Pollarding is used to keep a tree at a specified height. Pollarding is a pruning technique that requires constant attention and should be started while the tree is young to prevent any form of decay. The tree should then be pruned on a yearly basis to keep the trees highly mannered, formal look, avoid decay and prolong the trees life. Pollarding is not topping and a clear distinction should be made between the two.

Tree Waste Disposal

All tree branches will be chipped thru a mechanical chipper and will be disposed of at a green waste recycling facility to ensures our is waste is being reused. When the job is done Tower Tree Services makes sure that the site is left in a clean and safe condition.

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