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Tree Removal

Tower Tree Services offers a fast and professional tree removal service in Co.Dublin and Meath. 

There are various reasons trees need to be removed. Whether the tree has become to large, dangerous or simply be removed for construction and landscaping purposes. Tower Tree Services will get the job done

safe, quick and efficient.

tree removal gob.jpg

Large Tree Removal

We are experts in removing even the largest trees.

Where room allows we fell the tree directly, or

dismantled when the tree is growing in a confined area.

When dismantling a tree we use the most up to date

lowering techniques and equipment and all our Tree

Surgeons N.P.T.C. lowering certificates.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Trees can be dangerous for various reasons. A tree

can be infected with pest or disease. Also dead trees or trees that are showing decay are a safety hazard.

All our Tree Surgeons are fully qualified in dismantling 

dangerous trees and use all up to date lowering equipment to get the job done safely.

Fallen Tree Removal

Fallen trees cause a lot damage and are extremely dangerous cause they have fallen into another tree or fallen into property.Most of these are infected with disease, But trees also fall over due to age, size, decay etc. Tower Tree Services dismantles fallen trees with the necessary care to prevent more damage and that the job gets done in a safe and controlled manner.

large tree removal before
Large Tree Removal after
tree roots decay.jpg
fallen tree.jpg
fallen tree 4.jpg
treedecay 3.jpg
fallen tree 2.jpg

Tree Waste Disposal

All tree branches will be chipped thru a mechanical chipper and will be disposed of at a green waste recycling facility to ensures our is waste is being reused, instead of dumped to landfill.

If required all the timber will be removed as well or rung up to manageable size. When the job is done Tower Tree Services makes sure that the site is left

in a clean and safe condition.

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